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We have established our master financial account with Bank of America who will act as our official depository for all cash contributions received by any means. Also, arrangements are underway to made it possible to accept cash contributions by way of your authorized secure credit or debit card transactions, in person and over the internet from any computer, as well as by your authorized ACH (automated clearing house) debit from a personal or business checking or savings account, over the internet from any computer.

We are presently in the process of defining the specific types of non-cash contributions that we are seeking while developing the procedures by which we can correctly and effeciently take possession and properly warehouse them until they are ultimately distributed to the deserving individuals and family groups for whom they are intended.




This Marks The Beginning Of Our Long Drive To End Homelessness, Here In Florida...Then The Nation, With Donations Solely From The Private And Corporate Sectors! A Major Milestone Is Behind Us On Our Road To Success. And Absolutely No Government Funding Will Be Required To Reach Our Destination!

Effective on Tuesday, August 15, 2006, Help Yourself International, Inc. (a.k.a. HYI) officially became a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our primary specific purpose is to provide “Help For The Homeless Everywhere Who Are Ready To Be Part Of The Solution And Not, Or No Longer, Part Of The Problem, Help Themselves With Assistance From A Comprehensive Support System And Rehabilitation Program Where They Can Earn Their Way Back Into The Mainstream As Self-Sufficient, Responsible, Competent, Productive And Valued Members Of Society”. Our tax exempt status is retroactive back to April 25, 2005. Please visit our developing web site at

Initially, when fully operational, and later in conjunction with our proposed two thousand five hundred (2,500) unit prototype New Vista community for the homeless in transition, we will be providing transitional housing in various other locations, financial assistance for rent, utilities and the other necessities of life, clinical medical and dental care, plus clothing and food. All will be done without discrimination of any kind to the curably homeless who seek our assistance and who meet the criteria for participation in our various programs, if it is within our capabilities to do so. No one will be turned away without some form of assistance. Everyone who applies will be given help based on their individual needs and circumstances. All will be welcomed and accepted. It will never be demeaning or humiliating.

But make no mistake about it, this is not charity that we offer. It is not a hand out, but rather a hand up. A New Vista will never be a run-down community where we warehouse the homeless. The prototype will be located in central Florida, creating over four hundred (400) permanent new jobs. They will all be model suburban communities for the homeless in transition where they can work, earn and learn their way back to a productive life that not only benefits them, but will serve the common best interests of everyone in this great nation of ours as they step out and step up to their responsibilities and resume their place in our ordered society. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of those who have lost their way and deserve a chance to regain their dignity and a decent place to call home.

Our basic four-step program for curably homeless individuals and family groups will first (1) identify and rescue them, then (2) stabilize them and evaluate their needs, followed by (3) providing them with clinical care and our vocational, educational and fundamental life skills training as part of a complete rehabilitation program, and finally (4) reintroducing them back into society and monitoring their continued progress to ensure that they never again become homeless. While in our program, they will be in a structured environment whereby they can learn, or simply reacquaint themselves, with the basic fundamentals of living in and being part of a typical community with all the usual neighborhood interactions and civic responsibilities. They must work hard at it and earn their place in it.

Therefore, they will be required to conform to strict rules of conduct and social behavior, perform some community service, obtain gainful employment, pay twenty-five percent (25%) of their earnings for HYI services rendered and save fifty percent (50%) for their reentry starter fund, and diligently strive to make the most of the opportunities that they will have been given to rebuild their broken lives. Without question, this is an intensely serious, no nonsense, no excuses, fresh start, fast track program with zero tolerance for substance abuse, criminal activity, domestic violence and destructive antisocial recidivism. We will give them our best in this humanitarian labor of love and will expect their best in return. This is an immense project with life changing programs that we should all be able to embrace, commit to and work together to accomplish, regardless of our individual religious, political or social beliefs.

For now, while securing permanent sites and finalizing arrangements with major corporate sponsors and prominent individual benefactors, we will open a temporary office and warehouse, hire a small staff, complete our internet web site, design and produce all of the necessary printed, audio, visual and point of contact material for mass distribution, and then launch our official national fund raising campaign. We will be accepting every type of donation that is imaginable, primarily cash, but also non-cash items (i.e., vehicles, boats, aircraft, parcels of land, housing units of every size and description, commercial buildings, office furniture and fixtures, new computers and all types of office equipment and office supplies, securities, patents and other intellectual property, jewelry, works of art, antiques, construction equipment, building supplies, hand tools and hardware, household furniture, appliances, household goods, etc., as well as every type of clothing, food, OTC medical supplies, and other basic necessities of life)...all of which are tax deductible by the contributor. Individual bequests, as memorial gifts, will be encouraged. Pro bono professional services also will be sought in many fields including legal, accounting, engineering and construction.

We urgently seek your assistance, if you would be so inclined, to immediately forward this e-mail on to ten (10) of your family members, closest friends and business associates, and ask them to do the same. And in so doing, you and they will be playing a significant role in helping HYI put an end to this national disgrace of over eight hundred thousand (800,000) homeless in America on any given night…over eighty-three thousand (83,000) in Florida alone. Thirty-eight percent (38%) of them are children, and the average age of all the homeless combined is a shocking nine (9) years old. Between 2.5 and 3.5 million people experience homelessness every year, or roughly one out of every one hundred of us. This phenomenon is accelerating at an alarming rate and is steadily engulfing many of our youth.

It is wonderful that Americans are so generous and see the need to unselfishly give in so many ways around the world, but we also need to focus our attention on, and never lose sight of, our own homeless sons, daughters, other relatives, friends, neighbors, military veterans and fellow citizens in general who have slipped into the depths of homelessness and have waited and suffered much too long for a helping hand up and out. It is not for us to judge why they became homeless. It could easily be one of us out there. Whether it was a combination of bad upbringing, bad education, bad support system, bad choices, bad luck, or bad economy, it just doesn’t matter. Can you picture your precious children or grandchildren huddled in a car, or under a bridge, or worse, and doing whatever they must to survive? Well, every night it is happening all around us, right there in our own back yards. We must act…NOW!

It has been too easy for us to just turn a blind eye or make excuses for this profound and prolific problem or to hope that someone else would deal with it because we were just too busy and we had enough of our own problems without having to get involved with those of anyone else. But quite simply, there is not one good reason for each and every one of us to not extend a helping hand in friendship and compassion to at least one other human being. If we did, there would be little hunger or homelessness in our country. There are no losers in this undertaking...everyone wins! Not just the homeless, all of us. Together, we will champion their plight and succeed in eliminating homelessness.

You may contact me personally by return e-mail or at the telephone number listed below. I will be very pleased and interested to hear from each of you to discuss all the details of our various proposed activities and programs. I most sincerely welcome your advice and counsel along with your offers of assistance and/or your recommendations as to others who might be helpful in advancing our objectives as members of our Board of Directors, General Management or Operating Staff, etc. Your input, pro or con, will be much appreciated and given the utmost consideration. We all learn from listening to and evaluating every point of view and we are always open to constructive offerings.

All donations, correspondence, or audio, visual and printed material that you feel would be of benefit to us, should be directed to my personal attention at the address below. We will acknowledge every contribution and submission.

Your input is important to me and I look forward to hearing from each of you at your earliest possible convenience.

Ralph Edward Holmes - Founder, Chairman & President
Help Yourself International, Inc. (a.k.a. HYI)
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