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NEW VISTA, as its name implies, will be a community of endless possibilities and opportunities for its new and hopeful residents, with an unrestricted view of anticipated events in the minds of those who were once, but are no longer, homeless!

The plans for this fenced and gated community call for one (1) initial neighborhood phase consisting of four hundred (400) modern and fully furnished prefabricated cabin housing units in various styles and configurations that will be set in place and secured to solid concrete slab foundations on carefully prepared and manicured lots and quickly made ready for occupancy. They will accommodate approximately one thousand six hundred (1,600) people in a peaceful, pristine, natural wilderness, meticulously maintained, environmentally correct, tree lined campsite setting, on an entry level basis during their complete three (3) month needs evaluation and stabilization process. (Note: Some will require no further assistance and exit the HYI program after this opportunity to get their lives under control and financially back on their feet.)

There would then be a gradual build-out to the eventual completion of a proposed three (3) additional neighborhood phases with a total of two thousand one hundred (2,100) modern and fully furnished reinforced concrete blocks and stucco (CBS) housing units in various styles and configurations constructed on carefully prepared and manicured lots. They will accommodate approximately eight thousand four hundred (8,400) people in a beautifully landscaped and meticulously maintained, environmentally correct, tree lined urban community setting, on a longer term basis during their total rehabilitation process. (Note: The length of stay in one of these three (3) phases will depend solely on the needs of the individual participants, but it is not intended as a permanent refuge for anyone. Others will be anxiously waiting to occupy their space as soon as possible after they have completed the HYI program.)

When totally built-out and operating at maximum capacity, New Vista will be a fully functional and self-sufficient community of two thousand five hundred (2,500) units housing approximately ten thousand (10,000) individuals with a three (3) months average period of residency. That translates out to be forty thousand (40,000) homeless men, women and children that can be rehabilitated in a one year period of time, or more than sixty-one percent (61%) of the total number of sixty-four thousand seven hundred forty (64,740) that are presently curably homeless in Florida on any given night.

All two thousand five hundred (2,500) units will feature state-of-the-art energy saving gas and electrical appliances. The cabin units will have ceiling fans and wall mounted air conditioning and heating units. The CBC units will have ceiling fans and high efficiency central air conditioning and heating units, solar water heating panels and auxiliary electric power generators installed. Medical alert and other emergency services, fire detection, unauthorized entry and electrical power utilization control monitors will be installed in every building in the community.

All structures, facilities and access thereto, throughout the entire community will meet or exceed Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. The same will apply to every aspect of the Act which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment (Title I), in public services (Title II), in public accommodations (Title III), and in telecommunications (Title IV). HYI will also ensure implementation of the New Freedom Initiative which promotes the full participation of people with disabilities in all areas of society by increasing access to assistive and universally designed technologies, expanding educational and employment opportunities, and promoting full access to community life.

The community will have a complete modern infrastructure, including fully paved and curbed roadways with storm drain gutters and handicap accessible sidewalks, underground utilities (i.e., electric, gas, water, sewer, communications, etc.), and a central Administrative Complex with complete administrative, recording and legal staff and all the appropriate operational departments (i.e., Community Administrator, Community Clerk, Community Legal, Community Finance, Human Resources, General Services, Purchasing, Procurement, Planning, Engineering, Parks and Recreation, Lawns and Gardens, Building Maintenance, Public Works, Public Utilities and Backup Power Generation, Water and Sewer, Solid Waste, Code Enforcement, Motor Pool and Garage, Public Transportation, Public Safety, Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical, Volunteer Service, Community Service, and a Residents Finance office). This is scheduled as Phase C.

There will be a central General Services Complex that will contain various centers to provide assistance and deal with the specific day-to-day needs and requirements of the residents (i.e., Housing Coordination, Food Distribution, Clothing Distribution, Medical and Dental, Optical and Hearing, Legal Aid, Credit Counseling, Financial Planning, Child and Senior Care, Job Counseling, Job Placement, Small Business Administration Application Process Assistance, Social Security Coordination, Veterans Affairs Coordination, Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, Personal Property Storage, Automotive Service, Performing Arts and Movie Theatre, Outdoor Activity Rental Center, Barber Shops and Beauty Salons, Laundries and Dry Cleaners, Thrift and Convenience Stores, Financial Institutions, FedEx and UPS Stores, and U.S. Post Office). This is scheduled as Phase A.

There will also be a central Public Education Complex that will provide a wide range of basic and advanced instruction and career counseling (i.e., Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, Senior High School, GED – High School Equivalency, Special Education Programs, Adult Education Programs, Basic and Advanced Vocational Training [i.e., Computer Skills, Automotive Trades, Construction Trades, Plumbing and Irrigation, Gas and Electric Appliance Repair, and Air Conditioning and Heating], Cosmetology Career Training, Culinary Arts Career Training, Agricultural Career Training including Animal Husbandry, Small Business Start-Up Classes, Pre-Natal Classes, Parenting Classes, General Nutrition Classes, Life Enrichment Classes, Self-Help Programs, Personal Finance and Budgeting, Stop-Smoking Program, Military Service Counseling, and College Counseling). Participation in any of the above instruction and counseling services is not limited to those in the current HYI total rehabilitation program. For example, those who have completed the program but have not completed their specific instruction or counseling may continue until having done so if it is deemed necessary. This is scheduled as Phase B.

The final area to be constructed will be a central Community Center Complex that will help to bring this entire diverse and disconnected community together and provide a setting that will foster a sense of neighborhood, a spirit of camaraderie and fellowship, an air of basic civility, and the development of interpersonal relationships through wholesome and beneficial social, recreation, sporting and fitness opportunities (i.e., Auditorium and Assembly Hall, Catering and Food Preparation Kitchen, General Meeting Rooms, Game and Private Party Rooms, Arts and Crafts Workshops, Non-Denominational Worship Center, Library and Internet Access Center, Gymnasium with Fitness Center, Group Physical Fitness Program, Group Aerobic Exercise Program, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Heimlich Maneuver and First Aid Instruction, Heated Indoor Pool and Sauna, Heated Outdoor Pool, Group Swimming and Safety Lessons, Tennis Courts and Baseball Field, Football / Soccer Field with Track, Basketball Courts and Volleyball Pits, Walking and Jogging Trail, Park with Benches and Restrooms, Picnic Pavilions with Grills, Picnic Tables and Canopy Shelters, Playground with Splash Pool, and Band Shell with Seating). This is scheduled as Phase D.

The build-out of the New Vista community for the homeless in transition and the Natural Harvest organic farms and food bank will be done in a combination of phases, as follows:

Phase 1, Pioneer Square, will be the development of the campsite neighborhood on the southeast corner of the six hundred forty (640) acre New Vista community site. It will have four hundred (400) modern and fully furnished prefabricated cabin units in a peaceful, pristine, natural wilderness, environmentally correct, campsite setting and it will initially have its own support system bordering it on its west and north sides. The campsite and cabin area, as well as many of the other basic concepts represented herein, were proposed by Frank V. Rhea III who was curably homeless for three years. (Please read his touching story on our web site at under the heading “A Case In Point”.)

Phase E, Natural Harvest organic farms and food bank, will be the development of the entire three hundred sixty (360) acre site which will be developed in conjunction with the adjoining Phase 1 to its west. The farms complex will raise Holstein dairy cows, Angus beef cattle, bison, pigs, turkeys, chickens, egg laying hens, tank raised salmon, trout, snapper, tilapia, catfish, other varieties of seafood, and produce honey (from bee hives used for pollination) and a wide variety of organic vegetables and herbs. All livestock, poultry, fish and other seafood will be raised without the use of any growth hormones or drugs. All crops will be grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides and only animal or vegetable fertilizers will be used (i.e., manure, bone meal, compost, etc.).

All the products of the farms will be used for consumption by New Vista community residents, or offered for free distribution to other local area charitable organizations and food banks. Any excess will be sold to local area restaurants and the general public at the on-premises Natural Harvest Farmer’s Market which will be accessible to all during its daily hours of operation. And before demand exceeds supply, our long range plans call for additional land to be leased and/or purchased to develop other similar type high yield farm properties.

If our current testing proves to be successful, the farms will initially feature state-of-the-art solar energy climate controlled greenhouses and supplemental electric power units to run irrigation pumps and other equipment. However, in the long term, all conceivable, economically feasible, environmentally friendly and safe energy generating technological breakthroughs will be incorporated throughout the entire New Vista and Natural Harvest developments as they come onto the market. This would include not only solar, but also wind, water, hydrogen, or any others as well.

Phase 2, Liberty Square, will be the development of the first of three suburban neighborhoods on the southwest corner of the six hundred forty (640) acre New Vista site. It will have a combined total of seven hundred (700) modern and fully furnished CBS single family, duplex, triplex and multi-family housing units in a meticulously maintained, carefully manicured, peaceful and serene tree and hedge lined setting.

Phase A, the General Services Complex to be located on the southeast center of the site and connecting to Phase 1, and

Phase B, the Public Education Complex to be located on the southwest center of the site and connecting to Phase 2, will be developed at the same time.

Phase 3, Freedom Square, will be the development of the second of three suburban neighborhoods on the northwest corner of the six hundred forty (640) acre New Vista site. It will have a combined total of seven hundred (700) modern and fully furnished CBS single family, duplex, triplex and multi-family housing units in a meticulously maintained, carefully manicured, peaceful and serene tree and hedge lined setting.

Phase C, the Administrative Complex to be located on the northwest center of the site and connecting to Phase 3, will be developed at the same time.

Phase 4, Victory Square, will be the development of the third of three suburban neighborhoods, on the northeast corner of the six hundred forty (640) acre New Vista site. It will have a combined total of seven hundred (700) modern and fully furnished CBS single family, duplex, triplex and multi-family housing units in a meticulously maintained, carefully manicured, peaceful and serene tree and hedge lined setting.

Phase D, the Community Center Complex to be located on the northeast center of the site and connecting to Phase 4, will be developed at the same time.

The New Vista community is intentionally divided into four distinct neighborhoods, three of which are identical in every detail and each with its own or shared artesian well-fed lakes stocked with edible fish and surrounded with flowering trees, wooded open spaces, shaded and grassy parks with pavilions, playgrounds with walking and jogging trails, ball fields and other neighborhood amenities. All of the rear lot lines are planted with every variety of locally productive fruit trees every thirty feet with their yield intended for shared neighborhood consumption or sale at the Natural Harvest Farmer’s Market.

In order to provide the proper security and maintain the integrity of the community, access will be controlled and monitored at all times. However, residents, staff and employees will be free to invite family, friends, health care or business professionals to visit during daylight hours by leaving their names at the main gate so they may be issued the proper credentials for themselves and their vehicles. However, certain areas of the community will be off limits. Overnight visitations will not be permitted without advance staff approval, and then only in the case of an emergency or a compelling necessity.

Our primary purpose is to create a true feeling of small town neighborhoods as well as a sense of community among the residents and to foster the spirit of caring for and sharing with each other, of truly respecting our neighbors and embracing our unique diversity and different cultures, and all learning from and teaching each other from their cumulative life experiences. When they are reintroduced back into the mainstream of society, these are vitally important lessons for them to have learned or to have had reinforced, and that mindset will go a long way toward assuring their future success. We are all in this life together, all one with each other.

As an important exercise in civics and civic responsibility, each of the three modern suburban neighborhoods will have its own selected representatives on the New Vista Community Advisory Committee, its own Newsletter, its own Neighborhood Watch Organization, its own Community Service Corps, its own competitive Sports and Social Activity Teams, and its own unique Identity. It is essential that each of us has our own unique identity and a positive sense of self confidence, self esteem and self worth.

What better way to find one’s inner being and to validate our positive self confidence, self esteem and self worth than to be an integral part of and actively involved in some meaningful enterprise? Due to the uncertain nature of their situation, the residents of the campsite neighborhood will not take part in the broader range of community activities until, and unless, they have successfully gone through their complete individual needs evaluation and stabilization process, have been accepted into the total rehabilitation program and have subsequently been relocated into one of the other three neighborhoods.

In order to tie the entire New Vista community and Natural Harvest farms together and make all areas accessible to those who have no other means of transportation, a regularly scheduled bus system will be operated to transport residents around and between the two sites, as well as to and from local area work places, educational institutions, medical facilities, places of worship, and other required off-site locations. Initially, this service will be available every day of the week from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm, however, scheduling changes shall be made as dictated by current circumstances. Special arrangements will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The ultimate goal of the Help Yourself International program is to rescue, totally rehabilitate and then reintroduce curably homeless individuals, couples, and larger family groups . . . those who are ready to be part of the solution and not, or no longer, part of the problem and who will pledge to accept total responsibility for their lives and their actions . . . back into the mainstream of society as competent, productive and contributing members, with promising futures that they will have earned through their work ethic, commitment, perseverance and a little help from some new friends.

Acceptance into the HYI program is based primarily on those with the greatest need at the time of their application and each participant’s individual legally binding pledge to be an active and persistent part of their own solution in order to make them eligible. The length of participation in the HYI program is indeterminate and based solely on the need of each individual, couple or larger family group, as well as our ability to assist them. It is estimated that the average length of participation in the program will be approximately three months, however some may require only one month while others may require six months to a year, or longer.

All individuals, at the time of their acceptance, must be drug free, alcohol free and fully in control of their mental and emotional faculties. Although smoking and the use of any other tobacco products is not a disqualifier, those who smoke or use them must agree to immediately enroll in a stop-smoking program and make a concerted effort to break the addiction. They also can not have any major debilitating medical problems that can not be addressed, maintained or resolved in a routine medical clinic type environment and not requiring any specialized medical equipment or procedures. Those same requirements would continue to apply throughout their participation in the HYI program for them to remain eligible. Mandatory random testing will be conducted. They will also have to be, and remain, ready, willing and able to work and/or perform community service as required by the program.

Smoking will not be permitted inside housing units, any other walled structure, or in the midst of any community activity, or in the presence or vicinity of children and objecting adults. Besides being a dangerous health risk, the use of tobacco is an expensive addiction. If one cannot afford to pay their rent and utilities, or buy essential clothing, groceries and everyday items, or provide themself with transportation, how can they justify spending money on tobacco products?

Adult individuals, and/or heads of households, will be required to immediately seek employment and to take the best legal, safe and secure, commonly deemed morally and ethically acceptable position that is offered to them, regardless of the amount of compensation to be received for their services or the type of work called for as long as they are physically, mentally and emotionally able to perform whatever work is required. In addition, they will be required to perform ten (10) hours of community service per week within the HYI community, or whatever number of hours when added to their weekly paid employment hours, in the aggregate, does not exceed sixty (60) hours per week.

All other capable individuals, six years old or older and regardless of their gender, will also be required to perform community service within the HYI community in the number of hours equal to one-half of their age regardless of whether or not they are gainfully employed, or whatever number of hours when added to their weekly paid employment hours, in the aggregate, does not exceed sixty (60) hours per week.

Those individuals who are unable to find employment elsewhere, or who have specialized skills that would be of benefit to HYI, may be offered gainful employment by HYI to work in or out of one of the operational departments of the Administrative Complex, in the operation of the farms, or in the overall construction of the community.

All individuals who are gainfully employed must immediately report and surrender their full after tax wages, including tips and bonuses, to the HYI Administrative Offices for disposition as follows: Fifty percent (50%) will be deposited in an interest bearing account in the name of the individual and HYI jointly for distribution in the full amount to the individual upon their successful completion of the HYI program, or to HYI in the full amount if the participant fails to successfully complete the HYI program as he or she pledged to do. Twenty-five percent (25%) will be paid to HYI as partial reimbursement for all services rendered. The remaining twenty-five percent (25%) will then be immediately refunded to the individual for personal use. The exact same formula will apply to accrued compensation subsequently paid and all tax refunds the individual may receive, or be entitled to receive, from wages earned while in the HYI program.
Receipt of accrued compensation and tax refunds from previous employment would not apply.

While in the HYI program, HYI will provide all basic housing, utilities (including local telephone service, cable television service and internet access), essential clothing and food, routine clinical medical care, limited dental, limited optical and limited hearing care, pre-K-to-12 schooling if not available elsewhere, various basic adult vocational training whenever possible, necessary work related child-care or senior-care, transportation to and from work places, and whatever other things that may be necessary, and within HYI’s capability, to maintain a stable environment for all those who are participating in the HYI program. Pets will be considered on a case-by-case basis and, if permitted, it will be the sole responsibility of the individuals who own them to provide the proper attention, feeding, veterinarian care, and to ensure that they do not become a nuisance or a public health risk to anyone, including themselves.

A separate and distinct Help Yourself International, Inc. headquarters facility, located on a major U.S. Highway and not connected with the New Vista community in any way, will be established expressly for the purpose of receiving and processing applications from the curably homeless for immediate assistance and consideration for acceptance into our program. A trained staff of professionals will be on hand at that location seven days a week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to be of service to anyone who submits an application for our help. All applications must be directed to that facility. They may be presented in person, by courier or personal representative, by mail, by e-mail, or by facsimile. Referrals by social service agencies, hospitals, law enforcement officers, clergy, teachers and concerned citizens are encouraged and will be welcomed.

Inquiries may be made by calling our soon to be established toll-free telephone number or by contacting us at our e-mail address which is Application forms will be available at our headquarters location or can be downloaded from our internet web site pages titled “How To Apply” and “Application Forms” at at any time. Complete information about our various programs and instructions on how to make application can be found there as well. Many public libraries offer access to the internet at little or no cost.

Our future depends on correcting this dangerously prolific and profound problem…NOW!