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This Is A Florida Not-For-Profit Charitable Corporation
And Effective On August 15, 2006, Retroactive Back To
April 25, 2005, We Became Exempt From Federal Income Tax
Under Section 501(c)(3) Of The Internal Revenue Code With
A Public Charity Status Pursuant To Section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).

Contributions Are Tax Deductible Under Section 170 Of The
Code. Bequests, Devices, Transfers Or Gifts Are Also Tax
Deductible Under Sections 2055, 2106 Or 2522 Of The Code.

Our Current Mailing Address: Help Yourself International, Inc.
Post Office Box 78-0247, Sebastian, Florida 32978-0247

Our Quick Response E-Mail Address: HYIFLORIDA@AOL.COM
( Normal Reply: 1-24 Hours Depending On Time Received )

Help Yourself International, Inc. ( also referred to as HYI ), a Florida Not-For-Profit Charitable Corporation, will be working diligently to permanently solve the escalating and seemingly out of control, but curable, homeless problem in the United States. Beginning here in Florida and then reaching out from coast to coast and border to border, we intend to eliminate this blight on humanity, one individual at a time, one thousand acres of land at a time, one state at a time, and one dollar at a time using only private and corporate funding, plus other types of generous gifts from both that will help make this a reality. And it can all be done without the necessity for any government subsidies and without discrimination of any kind.

This previously considered insurmountable task is envisioned to be fully and successfully accomplished with the establishment of totally self-sufficient and continuously evolving model six hundred forty (640) acre modern and environmentally correct communities for the homeless in transition, each with its adjoining three hundred sixty (360) acre all natural organic farms and food bank. Most of the essential food groups necessary to sustain the community will all be produced on the farms, (i.e., milk and other dairy products, beef, bison, pork, turkey, chicken, eggs, vegetables, herbs, and aquaculture tank raised fish and other seafood).

Each community with their adjoining farms will be painstakingly built, in large part, by the homeless and exclusively for the homeless solely through the largess of the private and corporate sector. No local, state or federal government funding will be sought or accepted. Eventually the communities will each be managed and operated, when and where feasible, by the previously homeless individuals who have successfully completed the HYI total rehabilitation program and who, in the process, have exhibited their high moral and ethical character, demonstrated their outstanding leadership qualities, and have the basic managerial or operational potential necessary to be entrusted with that very important level of responsibility.

The first one thousand (1,000) acre planned urban development will contain two thousand five hundred (2,500) modern single family, duplex, triplex and multi-family style housing units in various configurations and groupings within well maintained typical urban neighborhoods, and all enclosed in a fenced and gated community setting. It is proposed to be built on a tract of previously undeveloped central Florida land and is specifically and solely for the benefit of the curably homeless who were residents of Florida on January 1, 2006, and were then or have since become curably homeless.

The exact location of this initial tract will be announced at a later date when all of the necessary local, county, state and federal government approvals have been obtained. And except for volunteers and donations, all labor and material will be from local sources, if available, and if not, then from county, surrounding counties, state and national sources in that order.

Once the HYI prototype community and farms complex, to be named New Vista and Natural Harvest, is well underway here in Florida, and inherent flaws have been identified and corrected, it can then be duplicated in all of the other 49 states and territories to deal with their curably homeless population . . . and then beyond to other countries and cultures that have the vision and will make their own commitment to embrace this very fundamental humanitarian concept and help put an end to the curable homeless problem everywhere.


The Florida HYI prototype, as well as each new HYI community and farms complex, will act as an economic engine for the geographic region in which it is located by funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy. Infrastructure and public services will improve, ad valorem taxes will decrease, businesses will flourish, and steady, good paying employment opportunities will be created in a myriad of career fields for individuals from all walks of life.

Just in and of themselves, they will be among the largest employers in their areas of operation and service, with well over four hundred (400) full time positions to be filled, as well as a large number of part time, seasonal and temporary positions.

Contrary to what many of the general public may initially fear about this project, if they reason through the process and consider all of the possibilities, they should come to the realization that this HYI program will in no way change the character or the nature of their communities. It will only serve to make their communities even better and help them to more quickly be able to accomplish everyone’s goals and dreams for their little slice of paradise.

Age, gender and physical disability will not be a barrier to achieving placement in any available position not requiring a specific level of physical dexterity in the performance of all job related responsibilities. Individual merit, including knowledge, experience and the fulfillment of any governmental or industry mandated educational or licensure requirements will be the primary determining factors. Equal opportunity without artificial compensation ceilings will be maintained without exception.

Priority will be given first to the previously homeless unemployed and marginally employed individuals who are participating in the HYI program, and then to the unemployed or marginally employed general population of the county, the surrounding counties, the state, and the nation in that order. Opportunities for lateral movement or advancement will follow the same criteria.

Wages will always be commensurate with industry standards for positions in every career field and level of responsibility. No positions will be offered at rates of pay that are not substantially greater than the prevailing minimum wage in that region. Employee benefits will also conform to regional and industry standards.

This is a huge undertaking, but it is well within the capability and the goodness of the American people. When called upon after a local, national or international tragedy or for any just and noble cause, Americans are unhesitatingly compassionate and overwhelmingly generous in their response. They always instinctively and unselfishly extend a helping hand in friendship and open their arms to embrace their fellow human beings, whenever, wherever, and with whatever they have to give. Be it their time, their talents, their personal possessions, or their hard earned dimes and dollars, their generosity to those in need, regardless of their own need, is like a shining beacon to the rest of the world.







We place a tremendous amount of emphasis in this country on not wasting our precious natural resources and therefore have developed a comprehensive program to recycle the most basic of those resources such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans and newspapers to return them as things of monetary value for continued appropriate use. Well what more precious natural resources are there than human lives?

How fitting it is that we should also have a comprehensive program to recycle (rehabilitate) precious human lives and return the hundreds of thousands of curably homeless individuals back into the intrinsically valuable resources that they are, or through their hard work, dedication and perseverance can become, especially when they are provided with a new opportunity and a worthwhile purpose for which to strive.

Help Yourself International, Inc. offers precisely and explicitly that kind of program designed to rescue, rehabilitate and then reintroduce any and all of the curably homeless who are ready to be part of the solution and not, or no longer, a part of the problem, back into the mainstream of society as competent, productive and contributing members. Each individual will be shown new vistas and the correct path down which they can successfully proceed to achieve that goal.

Plus, in the offing, all HYI participants will be given a refresher course through practice and by example in the importance of family, of being a good neighbor, of discharging all of their civic responsibilities, of community service and acts of charity, of having a strong work ethic, of being resourceful and dependable, and of maintaining their integrity, dignity, humility and civility.

Our homeless sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, other family members, friends, associates, neighbors, total strangers, military veterans and fellow citizens have waited and endured much too long. It is not for us to judge why they are homeless. It could very easily be one of us out there. Whether it was a case of bad upbringing, bad education, bad support system, bad choices, bad luck, or bad economy . . . it just doesn’t matter.

The important thing is that every one of us can and should help. Let’s give them a helping hand, out of the cardboard boxes in the alleys and doorways, out of the broken down cars, out from under the bridges and overpasses, and out of the woods. Let’s stop throwing money at them as a hand out and start using every dollar we can spare as a hand up to provide them with a decent transitional home and a fresh start.

Our much too often overlooked and rarely understood homeless population urgently needs our help now. In spite of all the popular misconceptions and stereotype characterizations about the majority of them, most are no different than any of the rest of us, except for simply having lost their ability to hang on to their security net and falling onto our country’s collective trash dump, about to become permanent human land fill, wasted and forgotten.

Even though these unfortunate men, women and children may seem to be the least of us now, how we deal with this and similar types of problems will determine the future of the most of us in time. We need to take immediate action and each of us individually and all of us collectively need to get involved before it is too late.


If we just do nothing, or say “not in my back yard” because it might attract an undesirable element and affect our property values, or make some other inane or self-serving excuse and hope the problem will go away or that someone else will deal with it, we all may well join them in one gigantic trash dump scattered across the face of our great nation.

All of the homeless deserve at least a chance to be rescued and rehabilitated. We owe them that. According to national statistics there are over eight hundred thousand (800,000) homeless people in the United States on any given night, eighty-three thousand (83,000) in Florida alone, and they fall into three distinct categories:

Twelve percent (12%) of them are the chronically homeless, primarily adults, who have serious mental, emotional, psychological, dependency or behavioral problems and desperately need the type of help that is beyond this program’s capability to properly address. However, we, in a separate program and with the cooperation of the medical community and the government will come to their aid in every way possible within our means.

Ten percent (10%) of them are the electively homeless, primarily adults, who are where they are as a matter of choice. It goes without saying that you cannot protect people from themselves or be very successful in helping them if they have no interest in being helped or refuse to accept it when it is offered. All we can do for now is accept their decision and concentrate our efforts on those who choose to help themselves.


Seventy-eight percent (78%) of them are the curably homeless, men and women who have simply fallen on hard times, many with children of all ages, including an alarming number of infants. Can you picture your precious children or grandchildren huddled in a car, or under a bridge, or worse, and doing whatever they must to survive? Well it is happening every night, all around us.

Many of their parents, not much more than children themselves, may have minimum wage jobs but cannot earn enough to properly feed, clothe, provide medical attention, or keep a roof over their heads because there is no such thing in major areas of our country as affordable or workforce housing. What most of them need is a new beginning and a temporary support system until they can take charge of their lives and their futures. Some just need a simple helping hand up and out of their present condition.

Based on seventy-eight percent (78%), this group represents five hundred forty-sixty thousand (624,000) curably homeless people scattered all over the United States with sixty-four thousand seven hundred forty (64,740) in Florida. And the average age of this group is an alarming nine (9) years old. This is the group with the greatest need and in the greatest jeopardy and those whose sorrowful plight demands to be addressed immediately. We hear their cries and we intend to answer with the utmost sense of urgency that is called for in this situation.

The target date for the ground breaking on the first phase of this very ambitious but vitally important program, at a site in central Florida, is the first half of 2007. Many factors can influence our timetable and many details still remain to be resolved, but we are optimistic that we will be able to pull all of the pieces together and move forward in the near future.

In the meantime we will continue to help the homeless on an individual basis and we encourage everyone to do the same. If each one of us took the time, reached out and embraced just one other human being, and within our ability and financial resources to do so, offered them a helping hand up, there would be no curably homeless or hunger problem in our country today.

Help Yourself International, Inc. is not affiliated with any other group or organization and has no racial, ethnic, religious, political or other agenda that is not outlined here. Our primary interest, our deepest concern and our steadfast purpose is in providing permanent life changing help for the curably homeless everywhere who meet our basic criteria and, as previously stated, who are ready to be part of the solution and not, or no longer, a part of the problem.

No one else will be accepted into this HYI program, however, every homeless individual who seeks our assistance, regardless of their past or present circumstances, will be offered whatever assistance we are able to provide at that time to help them in dealing with their immediate needs. They will also be provided with counseling, specific to their needs, and referred to an appropriate agency or organization that can better deal with their situation. No one will be turned away without some form of assistance and direction.

This is an intensely serious, no nonsense, no excuses, fresh start and fast track program with zero tolerance for substance abuse, criminal activity, domestic violence and destructive antisocial recidivism. At this time, other organizations, the medical community and governmental agencies are better staffed, equipped and prepared to work with individuals with those types of behavioral problems.

As for the others, we can and we will champion their cause, make a difference in their lives and lead them out of hopelessness and despair, especially the innocent children who have done no wrong and do not deserve to be in this deplorable condition. Our youth are our future. Without our help now, what can we expect of them when they come of age?

New Vista will truly be a model community developing model citizens who will be able to not just function and survive, but excel at whatever they set out to do with their lives once they have transitioned out of the HYI program and into the land of opportunity that awaits them.


This HYI program is just one of a number of not-for-profit organizational programs that we are planning to offer in the future that will be funded and managed locally to address a variety of related societal problems. All the programs will operate in conjunction with each other and will run concurrently, but will be independent and stand alone in nature. Their legal names and the full scope of their programs and activities will be announced at a later date as they are organized, funded, incorporated, staffed, certified, 501(c)(3) approved and fully insured.

Not listed here in order of priority, but by areas that need to be addressed, these future programs will provide (1) secure shelters for women and children who are victims of domestic violence, (2) warm and loving homes for children who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, orphaned and/or made ward of the state, (3) strong and active support facilities for military veterans of all ages, (4) a comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction recovery program, relapse prevention counseling and rehabilitation support facilities, offered in conjunction with (5) anger and stress management, plus other behavioral problems counseling, (6) food, clothing and household goods distribution centers for low income individuals and families, (7) affordable child and senior care facilities for low income working parents, guardians and care givers, (8) an affordable group health care and insurance program, (9) thrift counseling and credit worthiness building programs, (10) an affordable vehicle ownership program, (11) an affordable home ownership program, and (12) a new business start-up funding program.

Note: Other programs may be added as needs arise and we become financially able to support them.


Ralph E. Holmes - Founder, Chairman & President - Original Concepts, Planning, Direction and Project Oversight
Professional: REALTOR, Broker Associate with Mid-Florida Real Estate, Inc. of Sebastian, Florida, and Private Investor
Community: Advocate for the Homeless, the Disadvantaged, Children’s Welfare Programs, and Disabled Military Veterans.

Calman B. Stewart - Director, Vice President & Secretary - Oversight of Real Estate Development and Management
Professional: REALTOR, Owner / Broker of Advance Realty of Sebastian, Florida, and Private Investor.
Community: Executive Board of Directors Member & Treasurer of H.O.P.E. Academy, Inc. at the Youth Center in Gifford, Florida.

Maryanne W. Holmes – Director, Vice President & Treasurer - Oversight of Human Resources Development and Management
Professional: Retired Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits, Employee Welfare and Social Services Executive.

Frederick A. Kam, Jr., M.D. - Director - Planning and Oversight of All Medical Services and Facilities.
Professional: Physician and Executive Director / Medical Director of the Auburn University Medical Clinic, Auburn, Alabama,
and Adjunct Faculty Member of the Auburn University School of Pharmacy, School of Nursing and Department of Political Science.
Numerous Citations as One of the “Best Doctors in America”.

Francis J. Flynn, M.M., Psy.D., C.A.P., (Rev.) - Director - Planning and Oversight of All Psychological Services and Facilities.
Professional: Priest and Member of Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, Maryknoll, New York, providing Drug and Alcohol
Addiction Recovery and Relapse Prevention Counseling. Director of Counseling at The Guest House, Inc. in Miami, Florida.
Founder of The Hook and Ladder Foundation, Miami, Florida.

Jennie Sauder - Spokesperson for Help Yourself International, Inc. - National Coordinator of Personal Appearances and Special Events.
Professional: Vocalist / Performer who currently Teaches and Facilitates Performance Workshops at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.
Formerly Miss Florida in 1987.

Frank V. Rhea, III - Offering His Personal Perspective and Insight as a Previously Curably Homeless Person in Florida for Three Years.

NOTE: As this essential humanitarian initiative moves forward, many new Directors will be added to oversee each of the various areas of our operations and the individual services that we will be offering in this comprehensive homeless rehabilitation program. Their oversight will include such areas as community administration, legal matters, financial budgeting and accounting, record keeping and archives, future planning, engineering, construction, public works, public utilities, communications, logistics, warehousing, transportation, animal husbandry, poultry and egg production, indoor aquaculture, agriculture, environmental issues, public health, sports and recreation, physical fitness, school administration, vocational training, computer sciences, modern technology, public safety, security and others.


More detailed information, as it develops and becomes available, can be found on our internet web site at You may contact us at our e-mail address which is or our Post Office address which is Help Yourself International, Inc., P. O. Box 78-0247, Sebastian, Florida 32978-0247.

We welcome public input and scrutiny. Let us know what you think, pro or con. If you have an interest in volunteering and/or serving in some capacity later on when we have commenced operations, please forward pertinent background information about yourself to us at either our E-mail or Post Office address. This is a work in process and will take some time before we begin our program.

If you support it, this is your charitable Corporation and we pledge to be good stewards of your money and to faithfully perform the humanitarian works that you are empowering us to do. We firmly believe that service to humanity is not only the best, but also the most personally rewarding work of life and that nothing we do is about us. It is all about the people we serve.

Other than the possibility of using leased state or federal government land on which to build the communities, HYI does not intend to solicit any form of government assistance or funding. HYI operating expenses will be paid, in very small part by a percentage of the income earned by participants who are employed, and the substantial remainder out of donations received from the private and corporate sector and from farm revenue and earnings on HYI investments, etc. Therefore, HYI will be totally self-sufficient, not a burden on local, county, state or federal governments and not competing for government funding which is needed to support the myriad of other critical social service organizations in our country.

Operations will not commence and no donations will be solicited or accepted until we have obtained the proper documentation and certification authorizing us to do so. With the exception of employee and participant privacy issues, all of our systems, procedures and day-to-day operations will be totally transparent, including all of our financial transactions on which there will be full and complete audit trails to ensure that everything is done with the utmost fairness, integrity, efficiency and effectiveness. A top-notch professional staff will be assembled.

The corporate officers, directors and associates have volunteered their services and will receive no compensation. One hundred percent (100%) of all funds raised will flow through directly to provide services for the benefit of the curably homeless, initially, and then also to those others who are participants in future programs that are now listed or later included.

 To officially introduce Help Yourself International, Inc. and our programs, complete information packets, including large Conceptual Master Plan drawings, were presented to Florida Governor Jeb Bush in Tallahassee, Florida, and to President George Bush’s United States Interagency Council on Homelessness’ Executive Director Philip Mangano in Washington, D.C. Also, packets were sent to every member of the United States Senate and to Florida members of the United States House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., and to the district offices of every member of the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives. Packets were hand delivered to every elected county and city official, to the REALTORS and Builders Associations, and to the homeless assistance and support organizations in Indian River County. Packets were also sent to selected major corporations and prominent individuals. Press releases were e-mailed to all the appropriate local and national news media, plus a number of opinion, celebrity and serious talk show hosts.

The following cover letter was enclosed in every packet: "OPEN LETTER TO THOSE WHO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE…NOW"

"Each night, most of us can close and lock our doors, turn out the lights, lie down on a comfortable bed and peacefully go to sleep with a full stomach and expectations of a bright and promising tomorrow."

"Well, not too far from where you are right now, there are people who are homeless and hungry. They are all around us and very much a part of us. They are our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, other family members, friends, associates, neighbors, total strangers, military veterans, and fellow citizens."

"They have no doors to lock, no lights to turn out, no comfortable bed to lie down on and peacefully go to sleep, no full stomach, and only dread and trepidation of what is lurking out there in the night as they huddle in the darkness. Their thoughts are not on what promise tomorrow may bring, only on how to survive another night. They ask themselves, does anyone care? Does anyone know we are alive?"

"Yes, we know they are alive and we care very much for each and every one of them. Unfortunately, according to the statistics there are between 800,000 and 900,000 homeless people out there on any given night. Over the course of a year between 2.5 and 3.5 million people will experience homelessness in this country. Those numbers split evenly between single people and family units, and 38% of people who are homeless in the course of a year are children. Another statistic indicates that the average age of all the homeless combined is an alarming 9 years old. How can we allow this to continue unresolved?"

"What are we as Americans going to do about it? Help Yourself International, Inc. has a plan that we firmly believe will put an end to the escalating curably homeless crisis. Approximately 78% of them fall into that category, people who were just one paycheck, or one illness, or one bad break short of keeping a roof over their head. Not addicts, not alcoholics, not individuals with mental or behavioral problems, just everyday people like you and me who have simply fallen on hard times and need a helping hand up."

"Attached is a copy of the text that will appear on January 29, 2006 in a full page paid advertisement in the Press Journal, one of the Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers covering all of Indian River County, Florida, and parts of the surrounding counties. The same text, as well as the Conceptual Master Plan drawing that is also attached hereto, can be found on our web site at along with developing information about homelessness, our organization and the other programs that we envision for the future and fully intend to implement as soon as we are financially able to do so."

"No program will be perfect but we have to begin somewhere and this is where we have chosen to begin. If others have more practical alternatives, we would like to know what they are so we may fully embrace them and incorporate them into our program. We know that we must act very carefully and responsibly, but also with a true sense of urgency that this situation clearly demands."

"We hope that you will give this important project an immediate and thorough review, your careful consideration and a thoughtful response expressing your heartfelt opinion as to its relative merits or shortcomings. Please don’t remain silent. Our intention is to spark a local and national debate on the subject of curable homelessness, to increase the level of awareness about this dangerously prolific and profound problem and to correct the misconceptions that exist. Please write to us, e-mail us, or let your voice be heard in the media."

A full page of advertising space was donated by the Press Journal, one of the Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers covering all of Indian River County, Florida, and parts of the surrounding counties, to the REALTORS Association of Indian River County, to be sold at a membership luncheon silent auction fund raiser to benefit Habitat for Humanity and was subsequently purchased by Ralph E. Holmes to advance the cause of ending curable homelessness, first in Florida and then in the remainder of the United States . . . and beyond.

The advertisement was run on Sunday, January 29, 2006, in the At Home Section on page G11 with a headline that read: "Homelessness Hurts...Each and Every One of Us!" and a sub-headline that read: "THIS PAID ADVERTISEMENT IS INTENDED TO SPARK A LOCAL AND NATIONAL DEBATE ON THE SUBJECT OF HOMELESSNESS IN THE UNITED STATES!". The above text was the content of the advertisement and was followed by a footline that read: "What Say You, Good Citizens of Florida . . . and the Nation? and a sub-footline that read: "HELP YOURSELF INTERNATIONAL, INC. (HYI) IS OFFERING THIS PERMANENT HUMANITARIAN WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN SOLUTION! WHAT DO YOU OFFER?".

Our future depends on correcting this dangerously prolific and profound problem…NOW!